My name is Mary Anne Braymer, and I am the mother of a bride for whom Janelle Booth worked as our florist-extraordinaire ! last year.  I could not give her a higher recommendation - in fact, working with Janelle was one of the most wonderful parts of Melanie and David's wedding.  


We met Janelle  in June, and (since we live out-of-state) we stayed in touch by e-mail until the wedding in October. Janelle was incredibly creative and was perfectly in tune with Melanie's vision for her wedding.  Her table design was so original and echoed our magnificent outdoor venue with moss, ferns, wood slices, and the perfect flowers.


In addition to Janelle's remarkable talents, extensive knowledge of flowers and excellent taste, she was an absolute delight to work with.  Throughout the entire planning process, Janelle was always helpful and incredibly thoughtful.  She even provided me with some flowers when I first met Melanie's new mother-in-law to be and needed a gift (at the spur of the moment).  Janelle was also unfailingly patient as Melanie and I considered many different flower types.  She continually came up with new ideas, excellent alternatives, was carefully attuned to our budget -- she always, always steered us in the right direction.


Melanie's most favorite piece was her flower crown, and she could not have been more delighted with Janelle's creation - it was just perfect and everything Melanie had hoped it would be.  Janelle also saved us, literally, when we ran out of time to make bouquets and centerpieces - and even though it was not in Janelle's agreement, she showed up for us on the very day of the wedding and worked ALL DAY, making sure everything came together.  Janelle exemplifies hard work, beautiful designs, originality, and incredible kindness.


I truly, truly enjoyed working with Janelle and consider ourselves uniquely fortunate to have had her be part of Melanie and David's special day.


Sincerely, Mary Anne Braymer




Hi Janelle -

I thought you'd like to see what Melanie said,

We both share such tremendously Grateful
Thoughts for you - and sincere fondness and affection too.

See some additional great photos at the bottom of this email.

Thank you again !! And all best wishes to you and yours !!




I second everything my mom said. She is so wonderful and so easy to work with. She helped me get exactly what I wanted, even though I didn't really know what that was until she showed me! :) And, she was very mindful of our budget.